Mutiple camera sources into a single NV12 buffer/image

Is thee a way to capture two camera sources into a single NV12 buffer.

The reson for asking is that many API’s are “buffer hungry” and my application will stitch the two camera sources into one image/stream.

I see two alternatives

  1. Two camera streams that are dewarped individually and thereafter sticthed int one stream
  2. Two camerasorces are mapped into a single image, that is dewarped and stitche in a single VPI Remap operation.


Sorry, current implement not support this.

For dewarping, please leverage VPI as suggested in

For stitching, you may use nvcompositor. Please refer to

Thanks DaneLLL,

For dewarping I see two alternatives:

  1. Dewarp each individual camera and then stitch them into one image


  1. Concatenate the two cameras into one NV12 image. Then use the VPI to Remap the image ( e.g. Dewarp and Stitch in one operation )


What is the most efficient API/Library to concatenate two NV12 images into a single one?

We would suggest use jetson_multimedia_api and call NvBufferComposite(). It is convenient to stitch frames from multiple sources.

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