Mutli-seat with single card

I am trying to setup a multi-seat environment (eventually 3 seats), but using just one video card (this project is short of PCI space). We currently have a FX1500 (2 displays - currently using single seat w/ Twinview) and may be moving to a M2000 (4 displays). I am able to get X to configure the two monitors as two separate screens (:0.0 and :0.1), but not as two displays (which would be able to have different input devices attached).

Searching the web it seems that the fact that the two display outputs have the same BusID prevents X from starting separate servers to handle each as its own display. If true, are there any Nvidia cards that do have separate BusID’s for their outputs? or any way around it?

Thanks for any suggestions…

Currently, only one X server per GPU can drive the display at a time. So for something like this, you’ll need board that has two GPUs on it, such as the NVS 810.

Thanks. That points me in the right direction. I see that a couple of the older NVS also had 2 GPUs – have to check the specifications to see it – I guess it is not a strong selling point.

I read the updated driver README and it looks like the 2 GPUs would end up with separate PCI Bus IDs – maybe differing in the final ‘function’ field – which you could use in xorg.conf.

I am trying to adapt some existing hardware we have that currently has a FX1500 using Twinview to work multi-seat-ish. Specialized cards are taking up PCI space otherwise I would be happy with 3 cards, but 2 is better.