Mutually exclusive qualifiers in PTX load instruction


I was reading the documentation of the PTX load instruction (for reference:1. Introduction — parallel-thread-execution 8.1 documentation) and it is said that:

“The .weak , .volatile , .relaxed and .acquire qualifiers are mutually exclusive. When none of these is specified, the .weak qualifier is assumed by default.”

What does it mean it is mutually exclusive? Ok I know it means that it cannot happen at the same time, but at the same time in reference to what? What could be done at the same time? Since the threads of the same warp is executing in parallel the same instruction (normally), does it mean if the threads are executing the ld.volatile instruction, it means this instruction won’t be made in parallel? If it the case, in which order?

Thank you

It means several qualifiers can’t be specified for one instruction.


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