mvapich2 failed with testing pointer load/store with threads


I’m building MVAPICH2 2.0b with PGI 11.7-0 on a box with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2. There is no problem for building. Just FAILED for MVAPICH2’s testing ‘pointer load/store with multiple threads’ and showed like this sort of error messages

Unexpected load: 18446744073709551615 is not a multiple of 4294967295

Here are my configuration

./configure --prefix=/opt/mvapich2/2.0b/pgi -with-ib-libpath=/usr/lib64 --with-ib-include=/usr/include --enable-f77 --enable-fc CC=pgcc CXX=pgCC F77=pgf77 FC=pgf90 FCFLAGS=-fPIC CFLAGS=-fPIC

Any ideas?