My computer is in the shop, will Omniverse run on a 1080TI?

This is Data Juggler, I am currently locked out of my email thanks to Microsoft forcing me to use a 2FA authentication app called Authy.

No one told me that if my hard drive ever crashed, I would have to wait up to 30 days for the Microsoft Data Protection Team to contact me.

Not only does this lock me out of Microsoft, Nvidia wants to email me a code, and I have other services I use that operate this way.

(End Microsoft Rant).

I have an old computer up and running, and until the computer hospital tells me if my computer is savable or if I have to take my RTX3090 out of and put it in this one (when I get it back).

I read you have to have a 2080 or something, but I don’t care if it is slow if i can use it. Is this possible?

Thanks, 2FA is meant to keep out bad guys, but at the moment I would have been back up in running in 1 hour without it, so no one can convince me it is worth it.

Corby / Data Juggler

Unfortunately trying to use omniverse on a 1080 is well below the minimum specs.

2070ti is the min I believe but a 40 series gpu will have at least an 8x throughput over 20 series. Something to think about. The workstation cards the the best if $ isnt a barrier.