My customed tx2 carrier board does’nt work

Hi,my customed tx2 carrier board does’nt work, i followed OEM product design.Now TX2’s power is ok,but it can’t bootup.
1、We can measured all of the signals in the power up sequence in the OEM document,the status and timing about those signals is correct.
2、When TX2 is power on,power dissipation will increased 2W,if we hold reset_in_n at low,the power dissipation will increased 4W again;
3、TX2 can into recovery mode but it isn’t succeed;
4、We also try auto-power-on mode,it can’t bootup yet.

hello zsjalive,

you may also check Jetson TX2 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide, please have software updates due to your board customization.
you should also review all them items in the hardware and software bring-up checklist.

i also refered Bring-Up Guide and OEM designed guided.what do you mean by “have software updates”,we have a TX2 demo board,the core-board runs well on demo carrier board.but doesn’t work on my customed carrier board,so i think there is problem on the customed carrier board,but i did not locate the problem,did i have to custom the software?if so ,how to custom?

hello zsjalive,

due to your board customization, you should have software updates to reflect all the corresponding changes, such as board names, regulators settings, pin configurations…etc.
please access L4T sources, this release package contains source data for the BSP.
you may also check Kernel Customization for building the NVIDIA Kernel.

now ,my board can not boot, there is also nothing output from uart but printf on demo carrier board is ok,i think kernel customization is second stage.on my carrier board i just use ethernet,HDMI and usb,followed demo PCB,i did not change anything,i don’t think i have to change pin configuration. AND i do not have a eeprom on my carrier board, is it a problem? what do you mean by “board names, regulators settings”.

hello zsjalive,

please check Jetson TX2 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up for the whole concept.
it’s MB1 BCT to configure platform-specific static settings,
you may refer to Jetson TX2 Series MB1 Platform Configuration to update platform-specific configuration,

is epprom refered in OEM designe needed?

we bought 4 core-board, i have flashed all 4 core-board on demo carrier board with my host pc,using jetpack.this 4 core-board runs ok on demo carrier board,and i did not configure platform-static setting.

hello zsjalive,

according to documentation,

before replacing the P2597 carrier board, verify the software programming of the Kernel device tables, MB1 configuration, ODM data, and flashing to de-configure the P2597 carrier board with the custom configurations of your custom board. EEPROM ID for your custom board is not required.

hi,can you help me where is “tegrabct_v2 tool” and “tegrabl_mb1_bct.h” for creating MB1 BCT.

hello zsjalive,

if you had installed the JetPack release with SDKManager, it’ll also download the release image to your local machine.
it’s by default to create a folder for each JetPack release, and the path of release images as shown below.
for example,
after that,
you should find the tools, i.e. $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/tegrabct_v2
and, you should also check the mb1-bct configure files as following, i.e. $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/

The power on sequence.docx (1.6 MB)
hi,the uploaded doc shows the power on sequence of my custom carrier board.please help reviewing .thanks.

No findings in your power up sequence.

Please check the strapping pins status on your board per the strapping chapter in OEM DG, they should not be changed during power on.

hi,i connect my host pc to my carrier board using usb cable, when i force to recovery mode,my host pc can detect my my carrier board using ‘lsusb’ command,it list “NVidia Corp” device.but i can not flash the board. can you tell me something valuable to resolve the problem??thangks.

Did you check the strapping pins status on your board? Please read the strapping pins chapter in OEM DG first.

you may also share the flashing messages for reference,

the flashing message of host pc is"it takes too long time ,do you want to continue?",there is no message of my TX2 board.

hi,i refered to OEM doc, we just connect E1(RECOVERY) out ,we do not concern othe pins, they are in original state. i use fpga to control power-on sequence, and power-on signals is OK. and then ,can you tell me the two 4.7K om resistor exist on TX2 main board, if exist,G11 and D9 are pull up,otherwize pull down.

hi , the there are many *.cfg files in $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/. can you tell me how to configure the cfg file.

hello zsjalive,

you should not modify those values in the *.cfg file.
instead, please access Pinmux spreadsheets through download center, you may have customization to generate your cfg file for your customize board.
please also refer to Jetson TX2 Series MB1 Platform Configuration for the steps to update platform-specific configuration,