My DP to HDMI adapter does not work on my nano nor NX


I have a DP to HDMI adapter and it works on my desktop. However, when I tried to use it in my nano or NX, the monitor cannot be detected.
May I know if I need to download any driver? Can I force the DP output?

I did searched in the forum, but most say it won’t work…
Active DP to Hdmi Adapter not working - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums


The answer is still same. We didn’t verify any adapters so cannot guarantee it would work.

Better using the native port.

Hi, I don’t have a monitor with DP port, but several HDMI monitors laying around… >_<
So, I can not force the DP output?
Is there suggestion of any working DP to HDMI adapter?
I can buy a working one. Thx

I don’t have any recommendation for the adapters. Maybe other users can share.

Also, nano only support one HDMI port. NX is able to support 2 HDMI but you need to make your own custom board.

Understand, thx

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