My encoded video won't support random forwarding / rewinding


I’m pretty new to video encoding in general so please excuse my naive and unclear questions.

I’m encoding a 60fps NV12 video capture stream. The input format is NV12 and I encode using the H264 codec.

each frame that I download from the output bitstream buffer is appended to a file until the stream ends.

later, I (naively) change the file ending to “.avi” and manage to play it.

My problem are:

  1. I have no idea if the method I use actually generate a valid .avi file, I pretty much guessed it.
    Is there a way to know which file format is fit to the encode session configurations?

  2. The output file doesn’t support random rewinding / forwarding to a specific time point in my player. Is this normal? do I need to set up some specific configuration options to enable that? maybe preform some sort of post processing?


Encoders usually produce an elementary stream (raw AVC video) which you then need to mux into a container (often MKV). Did you mux into a container?

Hi seladm,

  1. You can use FFMPEG to convert the raw H264 to avi. FFMPEG can be used to concert the raw streams to most prevalent container formats. Just google for FFMPEG.
  2. The rewinding and forwarding are the player’s functionality. The bitstream or the file has no role to play here. If you are not able to do it, maybe the seeking is not supported by the player, can you try other players?

Ryan Park

Thank you both.
I wasn’t even familiar with the right terms. After using ffmpeg everything works as expected.