My Experience with Jeston

Hello all, I am a sophomore in high school and over the past few months have been going through Nvidia’s Two Days to a Demo. Below is a link to a google document explaining my thoughts on Nvidia’s tutorial. I hope some mods or devs see this thread so the issues I discuss can be fixed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my document!

Hi JoetheBold, thanks very much for your feedback, we will take a look at updating the issues with the DIGITS install that you mentioned and clarify some of the required instructions. Best of luck to your team in the upcoming FRC season!

Hi dusty,

Thank you so much for responding so quickly, its great to see developers that are interactive with their community. I would love to talk to you offline about the issues I encountered and how they could be fixed for people who started like me. I am not sure if this forum has DMing but my email is:

Thank you!