My article

I just recently learned about GPGPU programming and wrote a very brief article on about the possibilities it holds in reference to games. The article is not meant to be deep or detailed, but more of a teaser.

I would appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer.


I am going to attempt to learn CUDA and more about GPGPU programming in the next few months so don’t go too hard on me.

This isn’t a bad overview, but it could do with some detail. It’s not clear from your article where those performance graphs came from, what code they’re running, or on what systems.

Also, describing the 7900 as only having 24 pixel shaders vs 128 on the 8800 is a bit misleading. The 7900 has 24 pixel shaders units, but these operate on 4-vectors, so it’s more like 96 scalar ALUs (more actually). The 8800 has 128 scalar ALUs.

Otherwise, very interesting!

You may also want to include PeakStream as an example (since you include RapidMind):


Thanks for the updated information on the 7900… I will try to update the article with that information. Do you know how many ALUs the X1900 series cards have? Were they also setup in vectors or is the 48 an accurate number?

The performance graphs were from RapidMind and I do not believe they were specific about the CPUs they ran the tests on.

I updated the article to refer to ALUs instead of pixel shaders. Hope that makes it more accurate.