my first console project

I am building my first console project in PGI FORTRAN. I know FORTRAN. When I execute, the console wondow pops up and quickly disappears. I have a “read” statement for some input. Since the window disappears, I can’t input anything or see the data.

Please, how to make the console window stay?



Hi Art,

How are you running your application?

The windows should stay open while your application is running, so my assumption is that it’s not reaching the ‘read’ statement and just exiting.

If you are running it from the PVF debugger, the window will go away once the application is finished. However, you can set a break point to anywhere in your program and have the execution stop before it exits.

If you are double-clicking your application’s icon from within Window’s explorer, I would suggest instead running the application from within DOS command window.

  • Mat