My first HDR Light Studio render - PizzaRobots

HDR Light Studio is so awesome tool. I just made my first render with it, models are from TurboSquid & UE marketplace.

The best thing here is the 100 % interaction between the scenes in realtime! I made my tiny red-eyed Robot and attached the 3 red lights and I can see also these things in HDR Light Studio.

I can combine all kind of Lights with my scene, and I can also make those super-realistic studiolights “Area lights” in HDR Light Studio. Also as i builded the scene, I had to move the camera and I lost the perfect reflections, but no problem - I just started the HDR Light Studio and Intuitive and fast moved the lights just a bit - and the FOG is reflected to HDR Light Studio also! This tool is the best light solution I have ever seen.

I also installed it to Machinima!

Then I rendered another angle, I did not even jumped back to Light Studio, reflections worked just fine as they were set, so I got some natural randomness there too, I think this is even better than “designed” lights I made for the first one.

Gotta try soon this beast for animations…

Really nice to see you having fun with HDR Light Studio. You can find out more about using HDR Light Studio with Omniverse from here: Lightmap | HDR Light Studio Omniverse Connection

Thanks for trying this out.