My First Open Source Android Kotlin Library - Picker

Hello everyone ,
This past weekend I published my first ever Android Kotlin Library, The Picker . Picker is a CameraX based WhatsApp Style Image-Video Picker. It is almost the same as WhatsApp’s Picker but with Latest CameraX APIs. Also, I’ve used the scoped storage, so it will work smoothly on Android 10 and above as well. It’s very light weighted and extremely easy to implement. Do give it try and please give me feedback, suggestions anything you can share.

Thanks for checking it out. I’m pretty positive about the code I’ve written and the test I’ve done on different devices, but cannot say surely as I’ve used CameraX APIs and It’s in beta.
Anyway, I’m gonna include this in my company’s production app in the upcoming update, So I’ll update you for its production readiness in a couple of weeks. Till then you can test it yourself and let me know your experience if you find any bugs, or anyway I can improve this. Thanks.