My host does not recognize my custom board

I designed the carrier board of Orin Nano, and the burn port (USB0) used the 2.0 design in the design guide, as shown in the figure. But when I was ready to flash, the host did not recognize the port, sdkmanager did not recognize the module information. Is there something wrong with the design or something?

Hi, the reference design is correct. Did you measure the vbus_detect on your board to make sure it is asserted when plug in? Did you let board enter the recovery mode?

Hi, I’m sure I’m in recovery mode. How does vbus_detect work? Is it OK if I use the default USB0_VBUS_DET*?

The vbus_detect should be low when cable plug in. USB0_VBUS_DET is ok. You can also compare to the P3768_A04 reference schematic in DLC for your design check.

But vbus_detect should turn high after plugging in, right?

It should be low.

How can I confirm whether I am in recovery mode if the usb is not recognized?

<tegra234-p3768-0000-a0.dtsi >Since vbus-supply has been changed to host, does it need to be modified here in this file?

Recovery mode has nothing to do with device tree.

It is pure hardware event.

Hi, is there any other reason besides vbus_detect and recovery mode? What should the voltage of the usb signal be?

Hi, what do you mean? You mean recovery mode is ok on your board? And vbus_detect is correct? The board can only be flashed in recovery mode.

Hi, my FORCE_RECOVERY is grounded and my vbus_detect is correct. But the voltage of my usb signal is less than 1V

This looks like your other parts design may have problem. You can compare your design to reference and the checklist sheet attached in the Design Guide doc.

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