My Jetson does not boot after few days working again and again

I switched to an other type and size now. But of same brand. I choosed Samsung because I thought it was one of the most reliable ones.


Sorry that could you use other brands of card for this test?

Also, do you always use sdcard image to recover your system or you use sdkmanager to relfash the whole system too?

I create a new card using jetpack 5.1.1. zip file (as described by the nVidia setup instructions). And reinstall all software again.
I backuped my software and can put it back easily.

So you didn’t know what is sdkmanager here, right?


Could you find a x86 ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 host here to flash your board with sdkmanager instead of sdcard image?

No, but I expected to be some Linux tool.

Hmm, I would need to create it.
What is the reason you ask? I used BalenaEtcher to flash the card with Jetson 5.1.1. What could sdkmanager do better?

I explained the difference between sdcard image and sdkamanger in this link before. Please take a look.

Jetson/General debug - → flash problem.

In brief, I want to make sure the whole software (not only sdcard) on your board is correct one.

The SD card model of Jetsons have boot content in QSPI memory, which is part of the module itself. This includes both boot content and the equivalent of a BIOS (Jetsons don’t have a real BIOS, it’s all in software). Unless that boot content is valid to work with that release of SD card it won’t boot correctly (and JetPack/SDK Manager can update QSPI, the SD card cannot).

I am having very similar issues, also flashed my jetson using an SD card and etcher.

Don’t forget to flash the QSPI on the Jetson itself. The release of content on QSPI has to be compatible with the SD card release.

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