My Jetson TK1 has something wrong

Dear Sir
I just got my new Jetson TK1. After I connected screen and power on, I got the display as the photo , the whole system stop here
I took the photo and store it here:
What’s wrong with it and How to fix it?

Please kindly advise me


sisiy Gu

I see the display pixel clock mentioned, then nothing after. Was this from the monitor which was connected to the jetson? If so, you probably need to use the serial port to another machine to see what’s going on. Up to this point it was working, and it seems that monitor-specific setup is where it fails.

Definitely, try serial port.

Thanks for your advice.

Actually, I totally have ten units of Jetson TK1 ,I checked and found two units have the same issues in them.

Yesterday, I required the suppler for RMA.