My Jetson TX1 is not booting

I’ve got my new Jetson TX1 recently and tried to start it but seems that it’s not working. I’ve connected: keyboard, mouse, monitor, wi-fi antennas. After I’m connecting power - red led turns on. After pressing ‘power’ button - two green lights appear and nothing is happening then. Fan is not starting, no feedback from keyboard (capslock is not switching), mouse is not getting power.

Fan not starting is normal. It starts only when heat is too much, but basic clock settings doesn’t need it.
Sometimes the video driver fails to get the right video mode for monitor and you get black screen. Then unplugging/replugging the HDMI cable may improve.
Anyway, having no caps lock from USB is not good.

You may try to reflash it with last JetPack(3.1), if you have a PC running Ubuntu-14.04.

Normally the fan does not run unless under a load. The red LED is good, it is the power detected. The two green LEDs are normal for a running Jetson.

The lack of caps lock light and mouse not getting power is an issue. Normally I would think no video is also “normal” in the sense that it would just be a video configuration issue, but the keyboard and mouse not being powered does imply something else is going on.

For testing purposes, do you have a router which you can monitor the logs on to see if it gets a request to assign an address? WiFi will not work until configured, but wired ethernet will. If you can find an address, can you ping the Jetson from another computer on that router?

Thanks for ideas guys, will try to reflash and/or check ethernet.