My Marvelous Machines Entry - Omniverse Logo design

Last night was awesome, I got this made in the last hours:

Making it was a rush, there is a funky bug in ( otherwise great ) Create dynamics simulations, the Marbles sim was pushing further in time more and more on each playback. This lead to a situation where I had to make new groups of Marbles more and more to let them rain through my short animation clip:

Also I did not had time to render this with Path-Tracing but I think the look and feel I got with Real-Time is just awesome- kinda jungle juice taste in in!

Logo is a design based on ancient Scandinavian Viking jewerly. The Marbles present GREATIVES and CREATIONS and Omniverse in “connecting the creations of our time”.

Also there is a design study with a rule of negative space in logos - here we have Marbles who do not care if they fall in a negative or positive side of the wall made from pastels. It is a new era of understanding outlines.

One last thing, there is a nice “clitch” in this animation, at 14 sec you can see a fast fly-through af blue Marbles. Those groups of Marbles were so high in Y axis that when they finally hit my table at the ending part of my animation, they just went so fast that they flew right through the table! So this bug forced me to leave the ending half of my short animation to be very still and calm - I think that peace is kind a pretty in the end.

Looks good

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