My material´s UV values are drifting when playback

Dear support people, this is my first top quality / kinda difficult question :)

I have made successfully a constraint inside another constraint. This way I managed to render out a camera view, that was attached to a mobile phone that was attached to a characters hand.

Now I have bought in this animated material in a native omniverse plane. But now is I try to attach this same material to my phone objects screen, I have to tweak the UV values a bit. Here the problem arises: When character hand and phone moves / on playback these UV values drift - btw so they drift in the orginal plane I imported.

Enabling / disabling that “world space” on UV options makes no difference.

Enabling Project UVW Coordinates was almost the solution, but unfortunately not :P

I loose the animated material, it´s on pause and I still see some drifting…

Poor mans solution is to render out a huge resolution img seq and frame it with the way I get the now on mobile screen. Kinda tweak the position correct already in the texture. But I hope you can come up with a more elegant solution?

Difficult to tell what exactly is going on here, but the use of an image sequence should not require the use of any unusual UV techniques.

For this kind of thing I would render the phone camera images in an aspect ratio similar to that of the screen you wish to apply it to, something like 960x1280. You can do this by unchecking the “chain” icon in the movie capture screen and entering the values you want. Then, when you pull those textures back in and apply them to the screen material, if the UV of the screen is normalized no tweaking should be necessary. If not normalized manual adjusting of texture translate and scale will be necessary.

If the motion of the texture in the phone camera screen doesn’t seem to match the motion of the main camera, you may check to ensure that the frame numbers line up, with the addition of 1000 to the number of the UDIM image sequence.

Also, there should be no need to add a separate constraint for your phone camera capture. Simply parenting the camera to the camera mesh should work.

Thanks! I found out that the “display” selection of the Phone object I had, was using a bigger, shared image map:

This was the main reason for drifting and all mapping issues.
I just made a new plane and made that a child of the phone Xfrom, like you said.
Easy it was.