My new graphic card GTX1650 super don't run correcly (very low)

hello, I have received a gift, a fantastic graphic card (GTX1650 SUPER MSI AERO ITX OT) to replace a GT620.
it’s a catastroph, the result is less than my old GT620.
flightgear or bender don’t run wellnvidia-bug-report.loggz (1.1 MB) nvidia-bug-report.loggz (1.1 MB)xorg-0-log.loggz (26.4 KB)
bug report is an log.gz and xorg is an tar.gz but your system don’t accept that. sorry

Installation/hardware looks fine. Please put some load on the gpu e.g. by running some unigine demo and create a new nvidia-bug-report.log while doing so.

thank you very much.
reading «README» I’ve seen it exists some trouble with «nouveau» and the command is :
modprobe -r nouveau
now it seems runnning good
when flightgear running
nvidia-bug-report.loggz (1.1 MB)
and this, when unigine demo
nvidia-bug-report.loggz (1.1 MB)
thanks again