My new jetson Nano B01 cannot boot at all

Dear moderator,

Just recently purchased B01 two weeks ago. Initially it can boot from SDCard (Vgen 32GB class 10). Since I need to add wireless card (Intel wireless card) and PWM fan, I booted it again after both peripheral arrived. Unfortunately; when 2nd attempt, my second nano unable to boot at all. The LED of carrier board was on, heatsink warm up, but the display was blank at all. I was trying both 5V 4A power source and USB 5V 2A, and was no result. I switched to device mode, and my laptop (Ubuntu 20.04) cannot detect it through lsusb.

Since I have 2 nanos, I swap computing module with the normal one. It works. My conclusion that my 2nd nano SOM is defect. The store refused for return since their return policy only valid for 7 workdays. My hope is help from nVidia directly. However, there is no nVidia representative in my country. I would like to claim warranty, but still figure out how.

Please check the RMA process from Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

Thanks, I will try.

However, RMA applied by the online store which I purchased from, was rejected. The reason is it was more than 28 days after shipping arrived. I think I must try another route. I need this board for my work. Trying to connect with chat support now, but still searching available agent

At the moment, the only workable option it letting this nano bricked. The CS ask me to send the nano to a friend in UK or US to get replacement, which the shipping cost almost as high as nano itself. I am wondering why nvidia has singapore office if the customer is asked to send the defective part to be sent to US or UK.

Hi sugeng.pondang,

May I know your location?

Hi kayccc,

I am in Indonesia

Hi sugeng.pondang,

We don’t support RMAs for Indonesia.
Our customer service team will check if any better way to contact with you.

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