My NX won't boot after it's restarted

When I finished configuring torchvision, I chose to restart NX, but I found that I could not enter the UI interface. I realized that maybe my SD card was almost full, but I couldn’t solve the problem now


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Tom K

Was the Jetson shut down properly with software? Often the error count goes up from loss of power without a proper shutdown. Most of the time it is trivial for the journal to recover from this and fix such errors, but you would be correct that a full filesystem would interfere with that process…repairing requires sufficient free space. Normally though, if a filesystem is full, and shutdown is via a proper software shutdown command, there would only be such an error if there is a lot of outstanding data in need of write (the journal itself has its own space, but if so much is outstanding that the journal space is exceeded, then you have a problem).

You can mount the SD card on a Linux host PC and examine it from there (and also repair if possible). If you monitor “dmesg --follow” on a Linux host PC, and then plug in the SD card, what do you see for the log which occurs from the SD plugin? Once the SD is plugged in, what do you see for “lsblk -f” for the SD card?

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