My problem is that there is a problem when I compile the ibdump source file and run the ibdump executable file. The IB network adapter cannot be captured. After modifying the ibdump source file as prompted, it still cannot be used.  Ibdump of the driver c



Based on the output you have provided, the ibdump utility is active and listening. There is no indication of an application running alongside the ibdump utility.

For more information on utilization of the ibdump utility, please see the following Community Article:

Please also ensure that ibdump is not run from the same port of the Subnet Manager as there is a known issue regarding this scenario:

ibdump may stop capturing packets when run on the same port of the Subnet Manager (E.G.: opensm). It is advised not to run the SM and ibdump on the same port.

If these conditions are met and you require further debugging, please open a case with our Support team. If you do not have a current support contract for your adapter, please reach out to the team at

Thank you,

-Nvidia Network Support