My USB cable connections are physically unstable

I was wondering if it was possible to specially connectorize my cables to access the pins on the board in order to solder them or do something that does not include multiple realsense cameras porting into a USB hub.

I’ve found that the hubs are highly unreliable and when I lose connection with one of them I’m forced to reboot my software just to get them back up and running.

Does anyone know of any breakouts or solutions for this problem?


To solder them directly is not suggested, better to use USB hub.

What if I crimp them. Are the appropriate pins available on the pinout?

Hi, are you testing on Xavier devkit or custom design? Can you share a photo so that we can understand your question better?

I’m not saying you can’t custom solder, but I’ll emphasize that USB signal quality is important, and crimping would probably be a “bad idea” even if it seems like electrically it is wired correctly. Whatever you do should stick to the shortest wire run you can, and properly shielded, and where appropriate twisted pair. Up to USB1.1 this probably isn’t a big deal, but once you get to USB2 requirements are much more important. From USB3+ layout is critical.

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