My VM in Windows PC for guest unbuntu 16.04.3 asking me logging again and again.

I’m using VM in Windows PC for guest unbuntu 16.04.3 and I installed Jetpack 3.1.
After post installation, I followed the instruction in “” like below in the Ubuntu VM.
sudo apt-get install nvidia-375 sudo reboot

The issue is like below:
The device booted up and the screen was asking me to a logging, so I login with my user name and password.
After logging into the VM window, the same screen came-up which was asking me to a logging.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you.

try ctrl_alt+f2;

log in and check if you have free space with:

df -h

Sounds like the GUI crashes…which would be the likely issue if installing the NVIDIA driver does this…if the console login @Andrey1984 mentioned works, then this is probably good evidence of the case since console doesn’t use the GPU (and of course the mentioned “df -h” will tell you if you can’t login because of the disk being filled…also a possibility on a new system, but I tend to favor the NVIDIA driver being installed incorrectly since it sounds like it worked before this).

If console does work, and if “df -h” does show you have sufficient disk space, then you will probably want to examine your NVIDIA video driver install steps.

My disk space has a lot of free space.
One engineer from Nvidia told me that xterm might be conflicted because of VM. From the VM, I was told that the driver can’t decide which graphic card is being used in the host PC.

VMs are problematic, USB has a similar issue (a big reason why VM installs are not supported). I do not know enough about configuration to tell you what the answer is, but for the case of USB or networking sometimes a device has to be bound to the VM, and any “hotplug” event can mess this up upon plugging something back in (or reconnecting). Possibly there is some further configuration for video…although the login screen and the desktop both run under X, the two are actually different applications. I believe the X login manager program runs as root, and when login is accepted, the window manager spawns in its place, but as the login user instead of as root. So login is not only a different program, it is also running as a different user, and hardware (such as keyboard) is rebound as owned by the person logged in. Somehow the VM must keep track of this since Windows also can use the keyboard…where the configuration is I don’t know…but it is conceivable that any component of this (such as graphics) could break the entire login chain.

Thank you for your responses; very apreciated.
I heard from Nvidia engineer that Nvidia GPU driver might be confliction with ubuntu OS X Window.
The confliction came from a reason that GPU can’t be allocated into VM machine.
I was recommended not to use VM but use Ubuntu machine directly.

So, I’m going to install direct Ubuntu machine.

Thank you.