My Windows 7 64 bit sometimes cant find CUDA related dll files.

My Windows 7 64 bit sometimes can’t find CUDA related dll files.

I have installed about 3 or 4 CUDA apps now, that my system can’t seem to find the required dll files.

‘The game of life’ in CUDA is one example… There are others.

One example…

And another…

What could cause my system to not know about some dll files, that others seem to be able to find just fine?

Thanks. :)

Disclaimer: I am the antithesis of a Windows 7 power user. I have used it exactly once. I leave Linux live CDs in my “recalcitrant” colleagues in-trays and have a open invitation on my office door to help any colleague or student who want to move their research work onto Linux.

Aren’t most of those “not found” DLLs system DLLs (certainly ieshims.dll and gpsvc.dll both are)? And isn’t the problem in both case not that they can’t be found, but that the link loader is finding 64 bit versions (ie. your operating system default install) and not the 32 bit versions the applications need (given both look to be 32 bit applications)?

And shouldn’t this question be in the Vista/Windows 7 forum?

I don’t know what kind of dll files that are to be honest…

I figured they were CUDA related.

It looks like there are two possible problems.

  1. cudart.dll was not provided with your application

  2. The cudart.dll you have is the wrong bitness (64 when you need a 32 bit dll).

I don’t know where you got the executable from, but you could get a copy of the cudart.dll from the CUDA Toolkit installation. If you install the 64 bit version, make sure that the both the 32 and 64 bit binary paths end up in your PATH environment (C:\CUDA\bin and C:\CUDA\bin64).

The apps you are downloading should include their own copy of cudart.dll. If they don’t, then you should probably contact the authors and let them know.

Thanks for your kind response. :)