N-gram training notebook error

Please provide the following information when requesting support.

Hardware - GPU (T4)
Hardware - CPU
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04
Riva Version: 2.5.0
TLT Version (if relevant): How do I check this? tritonserver docker images are 22.07-py3 and 22.07-py3-sdk if that’s relevant.
How to reproduce the issue ? Run the notebook https://catalog.ngc.nvidia.com/orgs/nvidia/teams/tao/resources/ngram_lm_notebook/version/v1.0/files/n-gram-training.ipynb

The final output I get is a .binary - despite the fact that the last cell specifies . export_format=RIVA
export_to=exported-model.riva \

Any suggestions?

Hi @edmond4

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

I will try to run the notebook and get back to you


Hi @rvinobha - Any update? Were you able to repeat the problem?

Would it be helpful to schedule a chat to help troubleshoot?


Hi @edmond4

My Apologies for the delay,

I will run this notebook and provide feedback by this week

Thanks for your patience

Hi @edmond4

I tried to reproduce from my end,

True, the output i recieve is exported-model.binary,

Thanks for finding and reporting with us

I will followup with the internal team and provide resolution

Thanks for your patience