Naming my Custom Board

Trying to name my custom carrier design with a Tegra “tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-b00” SODIMM. I see other forum posts, but the answer to the “solution” is not a definitive “how to” method on how to make that happen.

I am trying to follow this guide, NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up | NVIDIA Docs, and it simply says "To support a Jetson Nano module with your carrier board, you must assign the module/carrier board combination a lower case alphanumeric name." but no where can I find searching anything, on HOW to do that.

I am trying to get my pinmux to also work, I have the spreadsheet all done right, but for the life of me I cannot get any of the online docs to match with what I see once I pull down the link versions.

Please help.

hello james.rhodes,

change the kernel device tree, bootloader configuration, ODM data, and flashing configuration to configure for the new carrier board

please also access L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources package via L4T | NVIDIA Developer.
here’s an example, you’ll see the UBoot sources to define the board names.
i.e. #define CONFIG_TEGRA_BOARD_STRING "NVIDIA P3450-0000"