Nano 2GB no longer starts up?

Hi, I have been using my Nano 2GB for approximately 2 weeks, have been able to successfully access it either using an attached monitor or headlessly through SSH over WiFi, but found yesterday that I no longer could SSH into it. After attaching a monitor to the device and watching it start up, I see the following screen, then the device no longer seems to respond.

For reference, I have been using a CSI camera, and it was attached to the Nano during this start-up attempt. I have had the camera attached when booting up previously with no trouble, but this was the first re-boot after re-attaching it.

Should I be waiting longer for it to boot up? Re-flash system?

Thank you

hello nsk367,

this part of kernel logs seems it’s already enter linux kernel and it should able to use when boot-up complete. does it just hang there without response if you kept waiting?

please setup serial console and gather the complete boot logs.
you may refer to Jetson Nano - UART - JetsonHacks to setup the communication.

Yes, it hangs there with no real update after at least 10 minutes. The screen is black, and via ssh I receive the following:

port 22: Operation timed out

I’ll investigate the link you sent, but do you think re-flashing the entire device would work? (although it would mean losing anything saved exclusively to the device)

Thank you :-)

hello nsk367,

yes, it looks your hardware still functional, it should works after you re-flash the device completely.

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