Nano-4GB devkit + Nano-2GB module + Nano-4GB sd image

We attempted to connect a 2GB module to a 4GB carrier board.
Can I use 4GB sd image?

Use the 2gb sd image.

In that case this is what we did.
4GB Carrier Board + 2GB Nano Module + 2GB SD Image = No WIFI
Can I edit the device tree to make wifi module work?

Which wifi module are you using now?

intel 8265ngw

Then 2GB module is not compatible with 4GB devkit. Please use the 2GB devkit.

Can I use other wifi modules?
I have seen a topic with the same situation as mine.
Here it is:Jetson nano 2G install on 4G carrier board

This is not validated by the QA test so we don’t guarantee if every function would work or not.

Ok,I will try to use it.
Thanks a lot.