Nano always get into recovery mode

Hi, nano get into recovery mode erverytime when boot up from our custom board. Our hardware designer measured the recovery pin and found it to be in a pulled up state。
But the flash is success because it can boot in devkit board. And we tried use another devkit nano in our custom board, it comes the same situation. But Xavier NX module can boot normally in our custom board.
Here is our flash log, we can see it can boot normally after flash. but when poweroff and restart, it automaticlly get into recovert mode and no uart output.
flashlog.txt (44.8 KB)

Is this connected to our hardware design? Or there is any other suggestion?

Please measure the power on sequence of your board. Also you can refer to the checklist sheet attached in the Design Guide to check your design and confirm all items are correct one by one. And the devkit carrier P3449 schematic is also the reference for your check.

Thanks, our hardware designer find the issue. They mismatch the recovery pull up in Nano and Xavier NX, when change the board. Our board can startup soon

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