Nano B01 Boot Variations

In short I have software that works on one B01 but not another. Can someone help me understand the difference between these two instances.

To give more detail. I have two different Jetson B01 boards. I’ve checked the information on the underside on the board and they both seem to be very similar. One difference between the two is that one of them boots with a black nvidia splash screen, and the other boots with a white nvidia splash screen. My software works with the black splash screen version of the B01 as well as a Jetson A02 (which also has the black splash screen).

To be clear I’m using the exact same SSD on both machines. I also (think) I am successfully flashing the device tree information to both boards successfully.

Any suggestions on the differences here? My image is based on L4T 32.2.1 based on the requiements of a piece of hardware that I’m using.

Even as a starting point question, can anyone tell me the difference between the black and shite flash screens (the initial screen, not the one displayed during the actual linux boot).


According to your description, I can only guess the cause here

If you didn’t use sdkmanager to flash the board before, I mean you always use sdcard image, then the bootloader on the board is never getting update.

The bootloader software is on the QSPI-NOR of each jetson nano. The version of such software is firstly installed by the factory. That is why you can just plug in a sdcard and let it boot into system.

It sounds like currently, your two jetson nano devices have different bootloader version, one is new and another one is old.

The uart serial console log may tell more detail. Without the log, what I am doing is just guess.

Thanks - that sounds logical. I’ll order the connector and give that a try.

I’ll report back with logs.

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