Nano Carrier board PCB P3450 (A01) file

Hello i got Nano Carrier board P3450, I did download the schematic attempting to repair/troubleshooting the board,


Barrel jack power no longer work, however, micro-USB power works.

on Schematic page 11, there is U67 TPS25944L, however, i can’t locate it on the PCB itself…

It is U56 instead of U67 on A01 board, the schematic in DLC is not for A01 board.

is there any schematic and pcb pdf for A01 board?

No, as we suggest customer to use B01 sch/pcb file in DLC for product design.

the whole point of looking for Sch and Pcb file is for me to toubleshoot my non-working unit

I need to fix my A01 carrier board as i am not getting any power from the barrel jack, can you provide me proper schematic and PCB file?

Only B01 docs are available. Can you please describe the issue in detail and tell what the tests you plan are?


A01 Carrier board
Delta 5V 6A medical grade power supply, no load at 5.2V, with load = 5.05V

few day prior the barrel jack was able to power the board, now i dont see the indicator or any power when utilize the barrel jack, however, without the jumper and micro-USB it is able to power up

while measuring the U58/TPS25944L, Vin does how 5.05v, but Vout is 0v

Did you measure the level of EN (connected to R450) pin of U58 when plug in? If it is high, then U58 might be broken.

I think I found the problem, … can you tell me what component should be there? … if there is PCB pdf will so much easier…

Or if I can just jumper it!

I am taking. guess that it is R450 110K 0402?


A screenshot for your reference:


does nvidia provide the pcb/components pdf?

No for A01 board.

whats the value for R459& R452

some components are missing around U58, as result i cant use the barrel jack for power, can you provide solution to bypass the U58? or just the schematic around that area

Hi allenpan,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks