Nano CSI-2 configs

Please Guide me carefully and confidently
I’m designing a carrier board for the jetson nano Module, this carrier board has 3 MIPI CSI2x4 Sensor interface (the sensor is the same for all three CSI2 Channels).

1_ There is no clear info about ISP block. How many ISPs are there?

2_ In Nano Datasheet, section 1.4, ISP capabilities listed. Some features are per-channel. What does it mean?
For example “Per-channel black-level compensation” is per-channel
and “Color and gamma correction” is not per-channel.
So when I use three 4lane camera, Can “Color and gamma correction” only be applied to one camera stream? Or is it available for all three cameras simultaneously?

3_ Due to the I2C slave address conflict, When three identical sensors are connected, we should to use I2C multiplexer or I2C switch? For example TCA640x series or TS3USB30E.
4_ Is this possible to use three different I2C? any suggestion

hello nimadibaj,

  1. according to Product Design Guide, your use-case of three quad-lane camera streams was supported. please also access Nano Module Data Sheet and check [Chapter-1.4 Image Signal Processor (ISP)] for some details.

  2. suppose you’re having bayer sensor output with RGGB, per-channel black-level compensation means process it with R, GR, GB, B; color correction and gamma correction did not based-on this assumption.

  3. and 4. you can enable I2C multiplexer to share the i2c address. please also refer to Topic 142044 for an example.

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1_I will use I2C0 and I2C1 and CAM1_I2C for three identical sensor instead of using I2C multiplexer. Any problem?

2_All ISP function is available for my three sensor simultaneously?

hello nimadibaj,

  1. you may ignore i2c mux if the camera modules have unique I2C addresses and the routing on a single I2C interface would not adversely affect the signal quality,
    please also check Camera Design Guide for the recommendations and guidelines of Nano/Nx camera connector.

  2. please refer to Camera Architecture Stack, the ISP process is involved if you’d enable MIPI-CSI sensors and access with libargus.

  3. please note that, we don’t provide supports via forum discussion thread for sensor calibration or image quality tuning;
    you should contact with Jetson Camera Partners, or checking Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for the list of cameras support on the Jetson platform.

Hi Jerry,
How to get Nvidia’s support for sensor calibration or image quality tuning?

hello ky.lee,

please contact with NVIDIA sales team to engage the resources.