Nano Custom Design Codec and Analog Microphone

Hi everyone,
I’m designing a custom board with Nano SOM module and need I2S codec which has an analog mic input.
CS42L52 is exactly what I want. However, I don’t know if it’s compatible with nano.
If I can’t use it, please suggest me a codec IC which has analog mic input.


From a hardware perspective, this device supports standard I2S timing which is supported by Tegra and so would appear to be compatible solution. We have not tested this specific device and so cannot provide an obsolute guarantee, but would be surprised if this would not work.

I think that when integrating new I2S codecs, the biggest challenge is on the software side. There is a Linux driver available for this device which is good news, but the next challenge is understanding how to configure the audio paths in the codec. Given that this is a device that we have not used, we have not looked into this, but maybe the codec vendor can provide some assistance here. The L4T audio documentation does have some high-level steps for integrating a new codec and so it is worth reading this.

For Jetson platforms the audio codecs that we have used include the RT5658 and SGTL5000 codecs.