Nano does not turn on due to Broken C318

Jetson nano got crashed from free fall on the drone. I don’t see anything else broken other than C318 ( probably capacitor). Due to this, Jetson Nano doesn’t turn ON; there is no output from HDMI or display port, but the green LED turns ON with both adapter and micro-USB power supply. Please look at the image PXL_20220301_122105650_2.jpg - Google Drive . I do not see any device connected when I try in headless mode. I suspect it’s because of broken C318. Is it possible to provide some information about C318 or troubleshoot guide?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

C318 is 330uF capacitor of system 5V output. It is possible to cause power supply issue if it is damaged. You can get detail info in carrier board P3449 board schematic in DLC.

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