Nano does not turn on (LED off) if I connect PiOLED


With installation Jetbot SD card images of NVIDIA nano development kit, I confirmed the power LED light was ON and ubuntu was worked via micro-USB(J28) without Motor driver and PiOLED.

After connected wires to PiOLED from motor driver, the power light was off.
I knew the wrong connection the red and yellow(SCL) wires and corrected the connections.
But the nano system doesn’t turn on.
Can the system damage(power) by the first wrong connection?
Must I give up the nano development kit?

I checked the following url and couldn’t find a solution.

Please let me know any advices and how to contact custom support in japan.

If you remove the PioLED, would Nano work again?

Hi WayneWWW

Thank you for your reply.

If you remove the PioLED, would Nano work again?
Yes it wasn’t work nano(Power off) without any motor driver and PioLED .

I am not sure that JUST USB(J28) power supply or all nano system is damaged.
So I’ll try to check nano power using J25.

If the nano system is out of order, what should I do?
Please give me if you have other method or solutions or information.

If it cannot recovery, please file a RMA request.

Please go above of this page -> Jetpack -> FAQ.

Thank you for your RMA information.

If it cannot recovery by the other power supply, I’ll contact to the customer care agents.


I tested the other power supply(J25) with J48 jumper ON at the Nono devKit.
As the result, the Nano is powered on successfully. But using micro USB, Nano isn’t still powered on.
I guess the J25 part was out of order.