Nano doesnt load the SD card

When there is no SD card in the slot, and I connect the power cable, the green light stays on, no problem. Seems normal. I pull the power cable out.
Then I insert a SD card with any old or new image, re-connect the power cable, the light comes on for 1 second and then turns off. Dead.
Appreciate any help.

I can only guess, but the Nano can be sensitive to how well regulated the power supply is. As soon as you add the SD card there is an increase in required current for the card itself, but more importantly, as the system boots the activity will also increase current draw. The first thing I would wonder about is if the power supply has sufficient specs…both in overall wattage, and in quality of regulation.

It could of course be the SD card itself, so you might try a different SD card. Or even an SD card which is blank and has nothing for the Nano to execute.

Thx for ur qk response Linuxdev. The power supply has not changed. Per ur suggestion, I inserted a formatted SD card with but no data. Nano green light stayed on; no issue. It seems the difference is when there is an image etched on it.
I downloaded +etched the latest nano package and still the same issue with the green light. Does it matter which img version I etch as far as making the current drop? If so, can u suggest a version thats safe to use? Thx so much.

UPDATE: I separated and connected the power supply directly to the wall outlet without a hub and it worked…no more issue.
Thx for the great hint…cheers

Apparently your power supply cannot keep up with the increased power draw when the system is actually active. Different releases, different peripherals, and all kinds of things can change the increased power draw during a boot depending on fairly unpredictable things. Even if you were able to use a particular image to boot, then it seems likely that as soon as you run some software with a current spike, then the system would shut down again. It is true that different nvpmodel profiles can be used to reduce power consumption (and also performance), but I doubt that something this close to shutting down would perform the way you want. All I can do is recommend a better power delivery.

Absolutely. One more…whats the command to check the Nano dev kit version?
Thx again

If you mean a02 version b01, then I only know how to check dev kit carrier board. The dev kits with two CSI connectors next to the heat sink at the barrel connector end are b01, the ones with a single CSI connector are a02.

I imagine the actual module has some sort of marking printed on it, but I do not know what one would look for on a lone module to specify if it is a02 or b01. If it is eMMC, then it would be b01 compatible, and not a02.