Nano load wifi drivers: SMMU fault: none

HI nvidia,
I want to use the rtl8822ce WiFi module on the nano, which will always report an error when loading the driver .

My l4t sources is R32.4.2.

kernel log as follows:
[ 190.327994] mc-err: (0) csr_afir: EMEM address decode error
[ 190.333584] mc-err: status = 0x2000000e; addr = 0x4315a000
[ 190.339272] mc-err: secure: no, access-type: read, SMMU fault: none


Need helps .

Thanks !

As discussed. Let’s check and compared with dev kit first to see if the M.2K E interface designed as supposed to be.


Looks duplicated with

Hi Wayne,

It’s OK,

Thanks .