Nano module UART2 debug will not boot

The Nano module with Power_EN, Sys_reset* and Mode_sleep* at logic high and Sleep/Wake* at logic low will not boot, using the proper baud rate with terminal setting. Any idea?

Why sleep/wake* pin is always low? It is for power button and has pull-up to 5V, a short low will trigger power on and then should be high.

Hi Trumany,
The Sleep/Wake* is an input to Nano, According to netname, if HI=sleep and Low=wake per datasheet, am I seeing this incorrectly? I am connecting this to uP to be use for power saving mode. I also found the Mode_sleep* out a bit confusing per EVB. Per netname and datasheet, it should be hi for normal and low if Nano enters sleep mode, but the EVB is not showing to be the case. Any addition inf may help. Thx

Sleep/wake* pin is to wake or sleep system and also a power on key. When system is wake, short press this pin to low will cause system into sleep. When system is in sleep, short press will wake system. When system is off, long press this pin will power on system. So don’t set it to low in normal situation.

Mod_sleep* is a pin to indicate if system is in sleep status, in you case, it is low always because you set the sleep/wake* pin to low.

Thanks Truman for clearing this up.