Nano Next roadmap changed!

I have just noticed that the roadmap for Nano is changed from 2021 to 2023. i was looking actually on the NEXT release but it seems TX2 NX shifted nano NEXT 2 years.

I’m totally fine with TX2 NX spec/price tag but my problem is that it is marketed for different segment and not for hobbyist so it is not a direct replacement to nano, there is no carrier board for it, does not support the camera drivers for IMX477 … etc

I’m confused for this change and the positioning for nano/TX2 NX
i was planning to get the new NEXT Nano once it is released

Sorry for bringing the inconvenience. Please keep following the roadmap page to get the latest info.


Both Jetson TX2 NX and Jetson Nano are listed in the “Entry” section for AI Applications in the commercial roadmap slide you mentioned.

Jetson TX2 NX is for OEMs who want the next step in AI performance for mass-market/entry level embedded and edge products. OEMs can scale their product offerings with pin-compatible Jetson modules (e.g., Nano ->TX2 NX), while leveraging cloud-native technologies to build, deploy, and manage the same software across all of them.

Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to it also!

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