Nano Pressure Limit?

We’d like to use the Nano GPU for an underwater application. Deep water, so we need to use a pressure-balanced, oil-filled housing. That means that the Nano will be at the same pressure as the water around it. That’s 1 bar (atmospheric pressure) per 10m of water. We’d like to go to 6000m depth, so 600bar.

The usual problem with PCBs at high pressure is any components containing air will implode and stop working. Usually this applies to electrolytic capacitors and crystals. I’ve had a look at my Nano card, and I can see 1 crystal on it, so that may limit its depth capability.

I’d like to know if any design/testing has been carried out regarding the pressure capability of the Nano, and if not, I’d like a BOM so that I can check which components are likely to fail at depth, and work out what to do about that.