Nano questions: Version, M.2 SSD, Updating Ubuntu?

I’ve had a Jetson Nano sitting in a box for several years, and I’m finally dusting it off to use in a robotics project. I have a few questions:

  • The part number printed on the bottom of the dev board is 945-1340-0000-000. Is there a way to determine from the command line what version of the Nano hardware I’ve got? And is there a document that shows all versions produced and sold?

  • There’s an M.2 Key E slot on the dev carrier. The docs say this can be used for wireless networking cards. Is it possible to buy an SSD to fit this slot, and to boot from that? If not, is there an inexpensive carrier from another vendor that can boot from SSD?

  • I downloaded the latest Linux image file linked from the Getting Started docs. I was surprised to see it’s from early 2022, and had Ubuntu 18.04. Can I safely upgrade that to 22.04?


Please refer to Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer
There is no document for production info.

Please refer to Connect a SSD to Jetson Nano. Which way to use? M2 SSD vs. M2 +adapter vs. USB 3.0 SSD vs USB to SAT… - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Sorry to tell that’s only Ubuntu 18.04 supported.

Even JetPack 5 doesn’t support 22.04? According to this chart. This lack of support for current OSes does not fill me with a lot of confidence to invest in more Jetson hardware.


Jetson nano is same SoC as Jetson TX1. Nano was released 4 years ago and TX1 was released 6 years ago.

These two will not have much software update anymore.

Only Orin series (Orin Nano/NX/AGX) will have ubuntu 22.04 version in future. Please refer to the roadmap.

iPhone 8 was released 7 years ago and is still supported by the latest iOS. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for support for the latest LTS Ubuntu for a product that’s being manufactured until 2027, another four years.

Sorry to say that…but we have reported such situation back before. This may not happen.

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