Nano reference design release final date


I know it has been asked before and the answer was always “June”, but as we are almost there I’d like to ask if there is a final date for when the modules will be available for purchase and most important the schematics of the reference design released. Any chance that it will happen after June (July or even later)?

The reference design is very important for people that will be using the modules in their own carrier boards.

Thank you.

Hi cpg_To, the final release date hasn’t been set yet. At this point in time it is looking like early-to-mid July for the production module. We are looking into if we can pull in the reference design files in the meantime. Thanks for your patience with this.

Thanks for your answer. In my case I don’t mind waiting for the modules themselves, but I can’t wait another 6 weeks to start the design of the carrier board and I haven’t found enough information to do a carrier board right now. I’ll have to move on with a different product.

I appreciate the answer anyways.

PD. I see that there are a couple of carrier boards on the market already, I assume that they reverse-engineer the evaluation board.