Nano shut downs when plugging several peripherals


Jetson Nano shutdowns when I pugged the following peripherals:

  • CSI camera
  • USB camera,
  • microphone
  • speaker
  • HDMI cable
  • wireless keyboard
  • LAN cable
  • an external fan

The power mode is max (0) and jetson_clocks is on

Thank you


I am not understand your questions.
Are you using the reference board or your designed carrier board?
Is it shutdown in system when attach all of these peripherals? Have you narrow down which one is the key to the shutdown?
Is there UART log for check?

Hi @edli1983,

The issue is when using almost all available ports, it is sometimes shutting down itself. Specifically it happens when we try connecting a new input, like USB speaker while Nano is running


Is this caused by power over loading? are you supply it with DC Jack or USB micro port…
Is there useful UART log?

Hi @edli1983,
I am using 5V 4A power source from DC jack, and my power budget is around 10W when all applications running. I don’t see a reason for overloading

I could see this exceeding what the supply can deliver if and only if the speakers are powered over USB and not externally powered. Are the speakers externally powered, or do they get their power from the USB? If they get power from USB, then try a self-powered USB HUB (one which does not draw from the Jetson, but instead draws from a typical “wall wart”).