Nano SPI level from 1.8V to 3.3V


in the documentation of the Nano developer board you state that SPI bus has a level of 1.8V.
Is there a possibility to set it to 3.3V? (Jumper, Sw, devicetree?)

If not, how to connect a level shifter - how to get 1.8V to the level shifter sice there is no 1.8V pin on the header?

Thank you very much.

SPIs routed to J41 are all 3.3V level.

That fact does not fit with Jetson Nano Devkit Pinmux and Nano Design guide from your download center.
There for SPI everywhere is stated 1.8V???

The pins on the module are 1.8V. The pinmux and design guide talk about the module itself.

The devkit board contains a level shifter, so if you access the SPI bus on the J41 header, that level shifter has been applied.

If you need to build your own level shifter, I recommend a TXB0104 translator chip from Texas Instruments, and you can reconstruct 1.8V from a 3.3V power source with a simple low-current LDO like the MIC5365-1.8 from Microchip Technology. Add two capacitors (the MIC and the TXB can share 1uF ceramic decoupling capacitors) and you’re good to go! The TXB0104 is very simple to use. (SparkFun also has one available on a board for $4, although without the voltage regulators: )

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