Nano SPI / PCM interface question

Dear sir ,

   We want to use Nano interface to Silicon lab FXO IC ( Si3050 ) , it requires SPI / PCM , below is my question : 

(1) Can Nano’s SPI I/O voltage change to 3.3V ?
(2) Can Nano support PCM interface ?


Hi, SPI is only 1.8V on Nano, it might need external level shift to change to 3.3V. Regarding PCM, do you mean if I2S support PCM? I2S supports PCM on Nano.

Hi , Trumany

  Please help list the pin define of Nano carrier board for PCM :

(1) PCLK
(2) DTX
(3) DRX
(4) /FSYNC


Please refer to chapter Audio of OEM DG for I2S related info.