Nano took a fall and won't power on

I got as far as flashing the SD card and booting once before my nano took a fall due to a robotic vacuum. It snagged the HDMI cable and pulled it off of a floor standing speaker, maybe 3.5ft to a hardwood floor. The LED doesn’t turn on when I supply power via the micro-usb; I don’t have the correct barrel connector to try the other input. Is there anything I can do to check to see if it’s 100% dead or if maybe it can be saved?

I managed to find a barrel connector and hooked up a 5V 2.5A adapter with the jumper in place and got nothing. Checking the posts of the input showed the voltage jumping from 5V to 0, so something is keeping it from getting power.

Hi ss32, if you still aren’t able to get it to boot, since you are pretty sure this occurred after the unit was dropped to the ground, would recommend RMA’ing the unit through who you purchased it through.

Will do, thanks!