Nano UART(J41) communication


How can I send this byte array (OX3E, 0X17, 0X00, 0X17, OX00, 0X00) with jetson Nano?

After that, I want to read the incoming data. Can I do that with j41 UART pins?

Is there any python library for serial communication?

In theory (depending on what speed you want…serial UARTs are not particularly fast) the J41 serial UART is a good choice for serial data read/write. The UART is designed for a 3.3V logic level. I’m not sure which “/dev” file is used for those particular pins.

Serial UART communications is generally simple if the port is set up correctly. I haven’t used Python for this, but generally speaking this is just ordinary file read/write (though you might need to add permission for a particular user to read or write).

Linuxdev thank you for your reply.

I need 115200 baud rate and 3.3V logic level.

I couldn’t find any information about how to set up j41 UART port. Any idea from Nvidia developers?

It can be command also.

facing same issue

J41 is 3.3V, so that is covered. 115200 8N1 will work on that port. As for the python part (and the correct “/dev/ttyS#” or “/dev/ttyTHS#” as well) I don’t know.

my setup is 1152008N1 yet all I have is gibberish. I tried the same set up on raspberry pi, everything is fine. Mine doesn’t have HDMI output, therefore the only hope I have left is serial communication. Can someone please help figure out why serial port works for others but not for me? thanks.