Nano will not boot..... after weeks of working perfectly.

Nano will not boot… after weeks of working perfectly. Of course this happens just when I get everything working the way I want on it.

I talked to customer help they asked me to talk to you guys before I return.

Maybe there is somekind of secrete to reviving it!

Rajath: Hi, my name is Rajath. How may I help you?
Rajath: Hello Thomas
Tom: hi
Tom: my nano seems to not want to boot up. was working for several weeks.
Tom: nothing on terminal nothing on network
Tom: it does have the green light on.
Tom: I have it jumpered to boot from barrel jack.
Tom: I disconnected all usb
Tom: and network… still dead
Tom: I should say the lights on network jack are not blinking. the terminal is not seeing any thing from nano
Rajath: Sorry to hear that, Since when are you facing this issue?
Tom: I tested terminal by plugging it into my tx2 and terminal is fine.
Tom: started just today.
Tom: been working fine all weekend
Tom: saturday sunday… today monday… would not boot.
Tom: checked power supply … 5v .
Rajath: The device is powering on right?
Tom: Only the green light is on.
Rajath: I would request you to submit your query in developer zone, They will check and help you to isolate if its a hardware issue
Tom: okay. Is there a RMA procedure to repair it?
Rajath: steven
Rajath: When and where was the device purchased?
Tom: directly purchased from nvidia.
Rajath: When?
Tom: beginning of this year… not sure of the release… like april?
Tom: I ordered is a month before it was available.
Rajath: Please check your emails and help us with the order number
Tom: k 1 min
Tom: 04/19/2019
Tom: 945-13450-0000-000
Tom: model
Rajath: Please check and help us with the order number
Tom: Order Number: 12718313605
Rajath: Kindly post your query in developer zone
Rajath: They will help you with troubleshooting steps
Rajath: If the issue is isolated to be caused due to a faulty hardware we can check and have it replaced.
Tom: once that is done then they would help me with RMA
Tom: okay thanks. will do
Rajath: Thank you for your time and patience.
Tom: np thanks
Rajath: You are welcome, Thank you for your time and patience.
Tom: bye
Rajath: Bye

Did you try another MicroSD card? It died probably but i think you did it anyway already. I just ask just in case.

I will give that a try.

I did think about creating another MicroSD card, but seems that nano would at least try to boot even if it did not have a MicroSD card, but it appears to not even try(to boot). I also have it so that the Nano is using a USB SSD drive(see jetsonhacks).

The SD card contains the kernel and extlinux.conf, so it won’t boot if something went wrong with SD card. Recommend first re-formatting and re-flashing your SD card with the JetPack 4.2.1 Nano image, and if that doesn’t work try a different SD card. Also can’t hurt to try a different power supply.

If you still can’t get your Nano to boot, you have pur approval for RMA, apologies for the inconvenience.

Okay… I ordered a new Micro SD card and I will flash it and see what happens. Thank you for your quick response!

Flash it with if you have problems.

Also: there are some capacitors in the Nano that seem to hold it in a “non-bootable” state for a number of seconds after you remove power, and seemingly for a very long time if you plug it in again too quickly.

Try unplugging from everything and waiting 30 minutes and then plugging it in again.

I will give this a try.

I flashed a new SDCard and the Nano Booted right up! all set THANKS! You saved me a lot of time!

The old SDCard is shot, I can not mount it to reflash. Next time just checking if the SDCard will mount for read is a good test, for this problem.

The Nano needs to have away to install a M.2 drive or simular SSD. The USB/SSD is fine but it is slower.

Glad to hear a new SD card did the trick. You can check out alternative carrier boards for the M.2 Key-M slot like Auvidea JN30.